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About Us is 1st Pakistan Online Medical Herbal Store which is focusing the need of promoting herbal medicine & naturopathy among the modern generation of today.

Good Hakeem ‘a family herbal store’ where you can visit and discuss your health issues with qualified tabibs from reputed universities like Hamdard University with confidence. Good Hakeem provides best health care to its client in a holistic way particularly cholesterol management, obesity control, peptic ulcer management, chronic pains, sinusitis. Patients can also get consultancy through our website where they can write their medical complaints and history. Our specialists respond to their emails and suggest the best possible management in a comprehensive way. Good Hakeem is a name of branding herbal and Unani medicines in a well presentable and acceptable form.

The basic concept of is to spread awareness about Hikmat products and naturopathy by giving complete details with procedure of therapy. In order to do so we are targeting vendors that are registered and have complete details and information’s about their products. Currently we are working with Tayyabi, Qarshi, Hamdard, HQ Herbal Pharmacy, Ajmal, The Vitamin Company USA the few very famous brands working in the Hikmat & naturopathy.

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