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Jaundice Diet

Posted July 5, 2014 by Ali Riaz GoodHakeem Staff
Jaundice is a kind of liver disease which is caused due to higher amount of bilirubin in the blood. It usually makes the skin look yellow and pale. A person suffering from jaundice may also experience excessive fatigue and vomiting. Besides proper medication and rest, a proper diet is important during this disease. Heavy diet and junk foods must be restricted during this period to avoid toxification of blood stream and ensure efficient bowel movement. The patient should intake a lot of fluid and must be put primarily on juice diet during that time. Below are the lists of liver friendly foods that must be consumed as a part of jaundice diet to ensure speedy recovery.
1.When the level of bilirubin is very high, the Jaundice diet consist of intake of a lot of fluid. This will help in eliminating the bilirubin through urine and stool. One shuld drink a lot of hot water, as it is sterilized of all the bacterias, fruit juices and vegetable juices to maintain the electrolyte balance and to keep the body hydrated. One should stick to liquid diet for atleast first five days.
2.When the level of bilirubin has subsided, one can include light diet of cereal porridge, yogurt and fruit salad. Vegetables like carrots, beans and spinach can also be included. It is best to have small meals several times day. At this stage one egg is also recommended, as incuding lean protein in Jaundice diet results in quick recovery. However, oil, spices, ghee and butter is strictly restricted.
3.After two more weeks as the level of bilirubin falls to the level of almost normal, Jaundice diet can have light rice, dal, as well as fish. The fish, however, needs to be boiled or steamed without any oil, spices or essence. Inclusion of fish, however, does not allow chicken and meat. They are rich sources of fat and cholesterol which is difficult to digest.
4.Gradually as the symptoms gets treated, cream, butter and olive oil can be used to cook the food. Till over fifteen days after recovery, Jaundice diet should avoid fatty and heavy food which are dificult to digest, as the system takes time to recover and be back in it's normal self.
Jaundice Diet – Recommended Foods
Sugarcane Juice
Lemon Juice
Tomato Juice
Boiled Potato
Orange Juice
Radish Juice
Barley Water
Beetroot Juice
Grape Juice
Amla Juice


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