Remedies To Remove Burn Scars,

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Remedies To Remove Burn Scars

Posted July 7, 2014 by Ali Riaz GoodHakeem Staff
The scars on your body can be a huge flaw. These scars can be of an accident or due to some allergy. However, removing burn scars is really difficult. Many women get burn scars while cooking or ironing the clothes. So, these small scars stick on your skin and become clearly visible. Even after applying various creams, the scars tend to be visible. So, there are few natural remedies to remove burn scars. Here are simple yet effective natural remedies to remove burn scars easily at home.
Natural remedies to remove burn scars:
Lemon juice: This citrus fruit can be a great remedy to remove burn marks naturally. Apply lemon juice on the burned area and massage for 2 minutes. Do this regularly. Just make sure you apply lemon juice only after the burned skin is healed.
Almond/olive oil: To remove burn scars naturally, just massage the affected area with almond or olive oil. Do this twice every day. The scar will lighten gradually thus becoming invisible. You can also use the traditional method of massaging the scar with coconut oil.
Tomato juice massage: This is another remedy to erase burn scars from the skin. Tomato extract has effective vitamins that helps remove dead skin cells and reduce scars naturally. So, just take a slice of freshly cut tomato or use tomato juice to massage on the affected area regularly.
Aloe vera extract: Aloe vera is a great product to erase burn scars from the skin. Massage the skin with aloe vera extracts regularly to get rid of the stubborn scars. Apart from removing burn marks, aloe vera also helps soften the skin.
Milk: To remove burn scars from your skin, you can massage the affected area with milk. Just massage the affected skin for 10 minutes before taking shower. You can also add few drops of lemon juice to get best results.
Chamomile tea: A mixture of brewed chamomile tea can be an effective natural remedy to remove burn scars. Just brew some chamomile tea leaves and let it cool. Apply on the affected area and massage for few minutes. Rinse with cold water. Burn scars are never permanent. So, try these natural remedies to erase burn scars from your skin.


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